Clean Hood CH1200V

Vertical laminar flow cabinet for bench top location. 6mm Clear perspex. 1200mm (w) X 600mm (d) X 750mm (h)


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Additional information

The Clean Hood laminar flow hood (sometimes called a laminar flow cabinet) provides a benchtop, particle-free working environment for your process. The design allows you to add features as your process and budget require.

The Clean Hood design is based on the (FFU) by Moorfield Nanotechnology, which is the backbone of the successful Clean Tent range of products.

Clean Hood features:

  • ISO 5/ Class 100
  • Anodised aluminium frame
  • 6mm clear acrylic sheet to 3 sides, designed to allow as much ambient light into the work station as possible
  • Variable speed fan filter unit controller
  • Vertical and Horizontal flow available on all models

The Clean Hood has been designed with longevity in mind.  The variable speed controller enables you to set the face velocity, ensuring that you do not over pressurise the HEPA filter.

Unlike traditional enclosed units both the pre-filter and the final H14 HEPA filter are easy to replace.

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