ISO Class 8

An ISO class 8 cleanroom is equivalent to EU GMP class D or US Fed. Standard 209 class 100,000.

It is at the dirtier end of the ISO standards with a maximum permitted particle per cubic meter of 3,520,000 at 0.5μm. ISO recommends 30-60 air changes per hour. ISO 8 cleanrooms do not require a gowning room.

Clean Environments offer a wide range of ISO 8 Cleanroom solutions including permanent and portable solutions, both standard and bespoke products are available.

Some examples of where an ISO Class 8 cleanroom is required include;

  • Food processing
  • Packing
  • Clean storage facilities
Clean Tent

Clean Tent

The Worlds most portable cleanroom. ISO 14644-1 class 5 in 30 minutes.

Clean Cube Cleanroom

Clean Cube

Bespoke, demountable and freestanding hard walled cleanrooms

Cleanroom Laboratory

Traditional cleanrooms

Traditional, hard-walled cleanrooms though our partner company; Airology Systems

Clean Hood

Bench-top processes

If your process is bench top, we recommend you take a look at our Clean Hood range of laminar flow booths.

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