Cleanroom Buyer’s Guide

5 key considerations when buying a cleanroom

In order to get an accurate quote, there are key pieces of information that any cleanroom supplier will need to know. The answer to these questions will form your brief to the supplier and eventually the backbone of your order.

  1. Cleanliness/ classification level. In the vast majority of cases, classification requirements are product driven through approved manufacturing guidelines. You will need to research your specific manufacturing cleanliness requirements to create your user requirement specification (sometimes abbreviated to URS).
  2. Size of room required. Your cleanroom supplier can help you to answer this question but they will need to know; the dimensions of any large pieces of equipment, including heights. How many people will be in the cleanroom at any one time and the volume of product/ material to be kept inside the room?
  3. Design elements. Useful information to pass onto your cleanroom supplier are; How do you get your material in/ out of the cleanroom. How do people interact with the product/ product flow, personnel flow, process equipment layout, process utilities, electrical requirements, and maintenance access?
  4. Additional controls. Are temperature and humidity important to your process? If so define it. Be aware that controlling temperature and humidity will greatly increase both your purchase price and running costs.
  5. Special requirements. If you have process specific requirements make sure they are detailed. For example; Negative pressure, BMS control, harsh cleaning solutions, ESD, molecular, electrostatic and magnetic sensitivities.

The answers you provide to these questions can have a dramatic effect on both the initial purchase price and the long-term facility operational costs so it is important to be as accurate as possible.

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