What equipment do I need in my cleanroom?

All cleanrooms over ISO 8 require an area where a gowning protocol can be enforced. In the gowning room it is usual to find a step over bench with a tacky mat on the grey side.

Equipment may be required that is specific to your process for example ESD and grounding equipment for sensitive electronic/microelectronic devices.

Depending on your process you may have a particle counter in the cleanroom which may have an alarm to indicate if the particulate level is increasing.

In terms of furniture and equipment, the general rule should be ‘as little as possible’. If it is not crucial to your process, don’t have it in there. All surfaces provide a space for particulate to build up.

You will have an operating procedure for the wipe down of the cleanroom and this will be specific to your process but in most cleanrooms you need to do a full wipe down at least once a week.

A full wipe down would involve cleaning each individual item, around the item, and under the item. That includes large items like desks, chairs, and shelving units, and small items such as beakers, containers, everything in the container etc. The more you have in there, the greater the task.

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