How to clean a cleanroom

The wipe down for your cleanroom will be dependent on your process.  This brief description is intended to give an overview of a standard wipe down procedure.

We would recommend that you use a mop head impregnated with either a generic alkaline detergent or perhaps your process requires an anti-microbial disinfectant.

Start the wipe down on the cleanest surface. In the Clean Tent this is the fan filter wall, in our Clean Cubethis would be the ceiling. Work towards the dirtiest, which is always the floor. 

On each surface start with the impregnated mop in the top corner.  Wipe the mop straight across the surface. Move the mop down and then wipe the mop across the Tent wall surface with a 10% overlap of the previous pass. Continue until the entire surface has been cleaned/disinfected.

After each surface we replace the mop head. Bag each used mop head and discard responsibly.

It is best practice to always lead with one edge of the mop in a search pattern. When possible keep the mop head in contact with the surface and as always when working in a cleanroom, ensure that you move slowly.

You should rotate your cleaning product periodically to avoid microbes becoming resilient to your chemical cleaner. We would advise that you clean your Clean Tent at the end and the start of each week.

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