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Clean Tent models

CT 675

Clean Tent footprint 3.05m x 2.5m x 2.15m (h) Integral gowning room 600mm x 2.5m leaving a workspace of 2.95m x 2.5m

CT 750

Clean Tent footprint 4.2m x 2.5m x 2.15m (h) Integral gowning room 600mm x 2.5m leaving a workspace of 3.6m x 2.5m

CT 1700

Clean Tent footprint 6.1m x 3.65m x 2.15m (h) Integral gowning room 1.2m x 3.65m leaving a workspace of 4.9m x 3.65m


Optional flooring

The Clean Tents groundsheet is a robust material but if you plan to use the Clean Tent for long periods of time, with heavy equipment or castors (for example on chairs) then we would recommend you protect the groundsheet with an additional floor. We have two tile options; an antistatic or an ESD option

Optional frame

The Clean Tent is a free-standing structure, however, if there is a power failure to the fan for any reason the tent would slowly deflate. The Clean Tent is supplied with an elasticated cord to lace between the top of the Clean Tent and the ceiling fixings. The included fixings simply snap to a standard T section suspended ceiling. We can also provide magnetic ceiling clips for use in laboratories with metal ceiling system.

If your ceiling is higher than 3m or does not have a T grid or metal system you may require an additional frame. The frame does not touch the Clean Tent it simply provides a connection for the elasticated cord.

Optional extras

Additional access port

The ground sheet and top section of the Clean Tent zip together. Where the zips overlap you have space to feed many flexible power cables and airlines into the Clean Tent.  If you require a rigid connection at a precise position to a piece of equipment within the Clean Tent you will need an access port.

HEPA bag

Protects the whole fan filter unit including the HEPA and pre-filter when in transport or storage.

Power inverter

For use in the field. DC12V – AC 230V NB. Battery not included.

Step over bench

Gowning room furniture sized to suit the Clean Tent.

Power transformer (USA)

UK (240V 50Hz)  to USA (120V 60Hz) power transformer