Portable Cleanrooms

Clean Tent

The World’s most portable cleanroom. 

From bag to ISO 14644-1 class 5 in half a day.

Clean Shower

Upgrade a section of your cleanroom by 2 ISO levels. 

Create a ‘dust-free’ environment. 

Popular Mask Aligner enclosure.

Our cleanrooms are favoured by the movers and shakers in research & development and startup projects alike and no where do we see this more frequently than with our range of portable cleanrooms. Due to the inherent temporary nature of some of these applications we do offer a hire option on the ISO 5 Clean Tent.  Here are just some of the ways our customers rely on our portable cleanrooms.

They are used on a semi-permanent basis as an economical way to test and develop their process or product.

Peaks in production cleanrooms are eased by purchasing or renting additional temporary cleanroom space.

Validation tests are carried out at their facility in a rented cleanroom. 

They provide a clean enclosure over fixed sensitive equipment.

Clean manufactures purchase as an insurance option/ life raft against a total shut down of their manufacturing cleanroom.

They are used as a training tool, schooling new recruits in the basic principles of cleanroom use away from the production line.

What ever your requirement we proudly support you; the inventors and innovators of our time.