Clean Cube Lite

Clean Cube Lite features:

Clean Cube Lite. A bespoke, hard-walled and ISO certified cleanroom.

Clean Cube Lite is a permanent, modular, hard-walled cleanroom. It’s an economical equivalent to the standard Clean Cube.

The Clean Cube Lite is a bespoke, self-supporting, hard-walled cleanroom system, It has been developed to suit those innovators who require the qualities of a solid-walled cleanroom for a fraction of the cost.

  • Quick install. The frame is prefabricated with clean infill wall panels, making construction and wipe-down very efficient
  • Total air control. All systems control the air intake but our unique exhaust grill system allows you to control the air at the exit, allowing you to balance the room. This means you can control the positive pressure and, if required, set a pressure point. (perhaps 30 pascals)
  • Material options. The wall panels can be made using any infill material. We use a mixture of glass and aluminium panels as standard but can very easily adapt to suit your process requirements.

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Filter unit fan
315W at max. 1100 m3/h

Electrical Supply
115V/60Hz/1 Ph = 3.0A; 208-240V/50/60 Hz/1 Ph = 1.5A; 277V/60 Hz/ 1 Ph = 1.2A

Fan filter unit

Full speed 20,000 hrs continuous


Vmax at face
0.45 m/sec.

Expected HEPA lifespan
5 years in lab conditions with continuous fan


G4 pleated pre filter
475mm x 370mm.

Expected filter lifespan
Approximately 3 months in lab conditions with continuous fan.

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