Permanent Cleanrooms

Clean Cube

Adaptable, bespoke and freestanding hard walled cleanrooms

Clean Cube Lite

Bespoke, freestanding, hard-walled cleanroom, ISO certified

Traditional, hard-walled cleanrooms though our partner company; Airology Systems

Cleanroom Laboratories

Traditional laboratory design and construction through our partner company; Airology Systems

Who uses our permanent cleanrooms? Our cleanrooms are favoured by the movers and shakers in Mechanical and electrical Engineering, Aviation and Aeronautics, Pharmaceuticals, Education, Food and health supplements and Cosmetics to name a few. 

We design for classification on the globally recognised ISO 14644-1 between ISO class 5 and ISO class 8. 

Clean Environments design and manufacture cleanrooms to suit your unique process. Some of the benefits of a hard walled cleanroom over a soft walled cleanroom are; 

A hard walled cleanroom can incorporate tight temperature and humidity control. 

Hard walled cleanrooms can be designed to suit large volumes of product via either a conveyor belt or goods airlocks. 

The hard walled cleanrooms enable the movement of large items through numerous door options. 

The materials used to construct a hard walled cleanroom make it a more robust structure which suits multi use cleanrooms in particular.

What ever your requirement we proudly support you; the inventors and innovators of our time.