Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaners

Clean Environments are pleased to offer a range of Delfin cleanroom vacuum cleaners to our customers.


There are many vacuum cleaners on the market. Clean Environments have selected the following units for their high performance and small physical size.

The below vacuum cleaners are all fully compliant with GMP standards. The units feature full stainless steel construction, making them easy to clean and disinfect. Autoclavable (up to 120 ° C, excluding the engine head)

Up to four stages of filtration available along with bagging into a “safe-bag”

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LC1000 D Vacuum cleaner

LC1000 D

Capacity5 Lires
Noise Level70 Db
Dimmensions360mm x 330mm x 510mm(h)
Weight20 Kg
  • Optional upstream filtration U15
  • Downstream; U15
  • 1 safe-bag included

LC1100 WD Vacuum cleaner

LC1100 WD

Capacity40 Litres (solids), 25 litres (liquids)
Noise Level75 Db
Dimmensions430mm x 430mm x 730mm (h)
Weight27 Kg
  • Optional upstream filtration U15
  • Upstream cooling air E10 PTFE
  • Downstream cooling air U15
  • Downstream; E10 (Optional H14)
  • 1 safe-bag included

LC1100 DS Vacuum Cleaner

LC1100 DS

Capacity25 Litres
Noise Level70 Db
Dimmensions570mm x 520mm x 1130mm (h)
Weight37 Kg
  • Optional upstream filtration; U15
  • Upstream cooling air; E10 PTFE
  • Downstream cooling air; U15
  • Downstream; E10 (Optional H14)
  • 1 safe-bag included