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Portable and permanent cleanroom solutions from Moorfield

Clean Cube

Clean Cube. A permanent, modular cleanroom.

The Clean Cube is created using our partner, Bosch Rextroths aluminium frame. The Clean Cubes self supporting structure significantly reduces both on site engineering and assembly time when compared with a traditional cleanroom and its flexible deign allows for future site reconfiguration.

The Clean Cube system is demount-able and so doesn’t usually need any planning permissions meaning estate department interventions are minimised.

Whilst the majority of Clean Cubes are bespoke -made to fit the site and specific process- we also offer two standard models, simply specify your required ISO level.

Clean Cube features

  • ISO 5/ Class 100
  • Modular construction
  • Fully adaptable to suit your process

We needed a bespoke solution built around our production plant

Our process involves frequent movement or large and heavy equipment

This is a student facility and so we needed the durability

Clean Cube models

We have two standard clean cube models

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CC 4824

  • Footprint circa4800mm(L) x 2400mm(W) x 2200mm(H)
  • Gowning room circa1120mm(L) x 2400mm(W) x 2200mm(H)
  • Work cabin circa3680mm(L) x 2400mm(W) x 2200mm(H)
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CC 2820

  • Footprint circa2850mm(L) x 2000mm(W) x 2200mm(H)
  • Gowning room circa850mm(L) x 2000mm(W) x 2200mm(H)
  • Work cabin circa2000mm(L) x 2000mm(W) x 2200mm(H)
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Clean Cube specifications

All Clean Cube installations are supplied with the following components. For more information, please contact us


Filter unit fan 280W, 230vac 50Hz standard Electrical Supply 5A, 230vac 50Hz single phase 3 pin plug.


G4 pleated pre filter 475mm x 370mm. Life span Approximately 3 months in lab conditions with continuous fan.


Vmax at face 0.45 m/sec. Life span Approximately 5 years in lab conditions with continuous fan


M.T.B.F. full speed 20,000 hrs continuous

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