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Art in Space.

The first sculpture destined for the moon will be made inside a Clean Tent.

Clean Environments, has provided a Clean Tent to allow the first piece of sculpture to be sent into space.

The Clean Tent, a cleanroom in a bag, will provide an ISO 6, particulate controlled environment which will ensure the artwork doesn’t become contaminated and jeopardise the success of the mission which will eventually site the Vitae sculpture on the moon.

Anilore Banon, who is famed for her ‘Les Braves’ sculpture installed on Omaha beach, Normandy, is working on the world’s first living sculpture called ‘Vitae’. The project team are currently working on an interim sculpture which will be launched to the International Space Station in late 2015. This will be a technical test of the materials in similar atmospheric conditions to those on the moon.

According to the artist, the piece takes inspiration from our present-day connection to the prehistoric past: “As we put our hands on cave walls, we reproduce this gesture on Vitae who will deposit them on the Moon.” The artist will collect thousands of handprints that will be integrated onto the sculpture.

Shaun Whitehead, Managing Director of Scoutek Ltd, the technical lead on the project said: “People kept saying to us; you can’t create a moon project because you don’t have a cleanroom. So we wanted a cleanroom that would be portable, inexpensive and effective, and that suited Anilore’s organic style. This is why we like the Clean Tent from Moorfield.”

To see details of Anilore Banon’s work visit her web site

August 2015

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